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Package plastic wire recommended products

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For many years specialized in metal products design research and development production
The company has a management,Very skillful,Efficient and fast
The management team;
Rich experience
The company was founded in2012Years,For many years focused on production of hardware products,
10Years of experience in senior technician employees share90%
High quality materials
Adopted in line with international environmental protectionStandard materialsAs the main materials,Implement strict quality control standards,The craft is advanced、Quality is stable;
High-quality service
7X24HoursHave a professionalService personnelRapid response、The first time to help customers solve problems,To ensure delivery。
Advanced technology
Actively introduceProfessional technologyAnd mechanical equipment,Make every detail,Strive for perfection,Improve your product30%-40%Sales force;
Specializing in the production:Artificial flower、Package plastic wire、Iron pipe and variations
Type of pipe、Hardware technology products、Hardware accessories, etc

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Company profile
  Dongguan Long Peng metal products co., LTD2012Years was established,The predecessor is a strong plastic factory,Is located in
Dongguan humen town,The company is a professional production package plastic wire,Package plastic wire factory,Dongguan package plastic wire,People
Flower,Package plastic wire,Steel wire,Galvanized wire,The line of fire,A straight line,The paper,All kinds of iron pipe and special shape
Tube,All kinds of shape welding metal craft products,Hardware accessories and other products production enterprises。With advanced technology
Technology and large-scale machinery and equipment,Strong。
  The company carries out after the establishment"Honesty is gold,Quality first,Customer satisfaction"Our tenet,Stick to it"In order to
The people-oriented,Daniel,Reasonable compatibility,May be"The management idea。Company existing staff20Many people,
There are10Years of work experience of senior technician staff share90%……【To view more
Honesty is gold,Quality first,Customer satisfaction
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News center
Package plastic wire of transportation and storage
Package plastic wire product of modern science and technology development,Is widely used in our daily life,We are not unfamiliar。But for package plastic wire transport and storage of some matters needing attention also cannot be ignored。Package plastic wire is a high quality nylon66Raw material made and be become。The characteristics of nylon material is...
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Package plastic wire common problems

| faq
Package plastic wire what are the purpose and nature
The so-called package plastic wire is to be able to bind some items,That item is not easy to be loosen or scattered。So in the present...
What is the effect of temperature on the package plastic wire
Temperature have influence on the durability of package plastic wire?It is understood,In the wide temperature range(-40~120℃)Can keep the good...
What are the convenient use package plastic wire
Now the social life,We are in the production of every moment、Consume a variety of materials and products。In order to...
Common hardware post-processing technology
1、According to the requirements of the decoration drawing,Make straight grain、Fills、The screw thread、Corrugated and spiral lines to wait for a few kinds。Straight grain wire drawing:Refers to the aluminum plate surface processed with the method of mechanical friction...
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